BSF calls for AGM motions and nominations

Fri 13 Nov 2020

The BSF Executive is issuing its annual call for:

  • Nominations for positions on the BSF Executive.
  • Motions to the BSF AGM.

The 2021 BSF AGM will be held as a virtual meeting, probably using Google Meet as a platform, on Saturday 27 February 2021, beginning at 2.00 pm.

The formal AGM agenda will be the only item of business, without any workshop sessions or side meetings, and the meeting is expected to last for no more than 90 minutes.

A full AGM Pack, with details of how to access the meeting, will be sent to members and published on the BSF website on or around 5 February.

The 2020-21 League Heads Forum meeting, which would normally be held on the morning of an in-person AGM Day, will be held as a remote meeting on Saturday 13 February 2021.

Normal attendance requirements for the AGM will be suspended.  The only requirement will be that all leagues affiliated in 2019 will need to have a representative at the meeting in order for any of their teams to take part in Co-ed National Championships in 2021.

None of the BSF’s Annual Awards that are normally announced at the AGM will be made for the 2020 season, and a ceremony to induct new members into the BSF Hall of Fame, due to take place at the 2021 AGM, has been postponed to 2022.

Nominations for positions on the BSF Executive

Most of the current members of the BSF Executive are completing two-year terms and are re-standing for their position (see list below), but other candidates can still be nominated for any of these roles. 

The one exception is the BSF President, Jenny Fromer, who will step down from her role after the AGM, so nominations for this position can also be made.  A requirement for the position of President is that candidates need to have had some administrative experience in softball at either league or national level.  

Officers re-standing are:

Treasurer:  Laura Burkhardt
Competitions  and Membership Officer:  Liz Graham
National Teams Officer:  Alexis Markham-Hill

People in these positions, along with the BSF President, also serve as Directors of BSF Ltd.

General Officers re-standing (a total of six General Officers can serve at one time in specific roles) are:

  • General Officer/National Teams Support:  Stella Ackrell
  • General Officer/Farnham Park Liaison:  Steve Getraer:
  • General Officer/Finance:  Mike Jennings
  • General Officer/National Championship Support:  Lesley Morisetti

The role of General Officer/Marketing and Communications is currently vacant.

Two Officers – General Officer/Coaching Mike Lott and Technical Officer Chris Moon – are in the middle of their current two-year terms, so nominations cannot be made for these positions until 2022.

The role of BSF Administrator, currently held by Bob Fromer, is a part-time paid position and not subject to election. 

To make a nomination (or self-nomination) for any of the positions listed above where Officers are re-standing, or for the role of BSF President, or for the vacant role of General Officer/Marketing and Communications, the nomination and a few paragraphs outlining suitability and reasons for applying must be submitted to BSF Administrator Bob Fromer ( no later than midnight on Tuesday 15 December 2020.

Motions to the AGM

Leagues, teams or individuals can submit motions on any relevant subject to the BSF AGM.

These must be submitted in writing, with a rationale for the motion, by midnight on Tuesday 15 December 2020 and should be sent to BSF Administrator Bob Fromer. (

If you wish to discuss your motion with the BSF before submitting it, please contact BSF President Jenny Fromer.  

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