A marked and easily accessible wooden bin has now been set up near the BaseballSoftballUK office, behind the third base line on Pitch 1 at Farnham Park, where BSF and BBF teams and players can donate used softball and baseball equipment for development projects.

The scheme, devised by the British Softball Federation, is looking for used – but still useable – equipment such as bats, fielder’s gloves, softballs, baseballs, batting helmets and catcher’s masks that can be used for softball or baseball youth development projects, new adult teams and player recruitment initiatives.

Equipment donated will be sorted into what is most useable for softball or baseball and will then be apportioned to the two Federations for development activities.

Some equipment, if suitable, may be donated to a youth softball development project in Zimbabwe that has established links with the GB Men’s Fastpitch programme.  

In the current cost-of-living situation, both youth and adult players just starting out in softball are finding it even harder than usual to afford softball equipment, so donations could have a real impact in allowing more people to take up the sport.

Please help our sports to grow by donating any equipment that you no longer need – and please spread the word so that others can do so too!

The BSF and the BBF will be grateful for any equipment that can be provided!