The BSF had no membership income whatsoever in 2020 but a considerable amount of non-discretionary expenditure, and the result was to reduce the BSF’s reserves to a dangerously low level. 

Initially, the thinking was that fees would have to be raised in 2021 to begin building back reserves and to ensure that 2021 was not completely a year of “austerity” with regard to Federation spending.  However, a £20,000 grant from Sport England, secured with the help of BaseballSoftballUK, kept the Federation in the black, and the BSF Executive decided that fees would not be raised in 2021 because many people were struggling financially as a result of the pandemic. 

Fees were raised, however, for the 2022 season, in part to begin the process of restoring our reserves over time.  

Fees for 2022 are shown below:

Full-Member League Teams:  £210  

Associate Member Teams:  £110  

Associate members include:

  • Independent tournament teams with no league affiliation. 
  • Scottish league teams. 
  • Great Britain Fastpitch League teams.
  • New league teams* for the first two years of their existence. 
  • BASU as an organisation. 

New teams that have joined leagues in the past three years and are in the previous fee structure that involved a three-year progression to full-member rates will continue in that progression but will pay £210 when they reach the full-member rate.

Junior Members:  £80  

  • Under-18 teams (50% of rostered players must be under-18). 
  • University teams playing in BSF leagues. 

Special Membership:  £80    

  • A one-off team membership to allow entry to one specific competition.

GB National Teams:  £30    

  • This fee is to provide Civil and Public Liability insurance for GB National Teams when they train and play in the UK.

University Teams not in BSF Leagues:  No fee 

Single-Sex Teams created from non-BSF members:  £10 per day

  • This fee is to provide Public Liability insurance for single-sex slowpitch teams with members who are not affiliated to the BSF through co-ed slowpitch teams.

One-off Tournament Affiliations

Since 2017, teams that enter the BSF Single-Sex Slowpitch National Championships or the Softball World Series will not be required to pay an additional affiliation fee for insurance purposes provided that all members of the team are rostered with co-ed slowpitch teams or fastpitch teams affiliated to the BSF.  This will continue to be the case in 2022.

More general information on affilliation is available on the Affiliation and Registration page.