Affiliation and Registration on the BSF website

The BSF will once again require all leagues to Register Teams and all league and tournament independent teams to Roster Players through the Spawtz system on the BSF website for this season.

New Players / Web Users

To register as a player or register as a new user on the website please click here.

Existing leagues with data already on the Spawtz system

The Spawtz system has captured all details from last season’s database to save you re-entering the data.

You should now have, or be collecting, contact data for all your teams this season and alerting them in turn to prepare current contact data on their players.

Once league teams have confirmed participation for the new season, team captains will be able to enter / amend player details. We ask all your team captains to roster at least their 18 core players including names, email addresses and, if known, postcodes. This can be done through the 'My Teams' menu option under 'My Account' when logged in.

You can now review and update team registration, and your captains can update player rosters, before the registration deadline of 30 April.

Pro-forma invoices are being sent to all existing leagues and teams for completion and return as soon as possible, but the fee payment deadline will remain as before, 31 May.


New leagues and teams

Notify the BSF by contacting us via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We will provide you with the documentation to create your League and team identities online.

If you have any difficulty during the registration process please contact the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

League and team administration

After registration / rostering, the BSF encourages members to use the extensive further league and team management systems provided by Spawtz via the BSF website.  You will be able to access these systems from the registration / rostering forms once created.

The BSF will cover the costs of these functions on behalf of all BSF member teams and leagues that choose to make use of them.

If you choose to enter an event or join a further league, not administered by BSF but utilising Spawtz functionality, they may seek to make further use of your team / player data; any additional fees will be for your account.

For help using the Spawtz system, please read the User Guide.

Fee invoices

Leagues:  The BSF will send a pro-forma invoice to all existing leagues. You will need to declare the number of teams in each payment category and compute total fees payable, returning this form as soon as possible. When we receive this information, we can amend your league's contact data on the BSF website. You do not have to pay the fees until 31 May.

We also need you to ask all your teams if any will have Under-18 players this year and let us know this information – see below.

Tournament / Independent Teams:  The BSF will send a pro-forma invoice shortly to all Tournament / Independent Teams presuming you intend to register your team again this season.  Once this form is returned, the BSF will update your team contact data on the BSF website under the Independent Softball Teams grouping within the BSF Leagues list.

We will require you to roster at least your 18 core players, including names, email addresses and, if known, postcodes.

We will also need you to tell us if you will have any Under-18 players on your team this season – see below.

Teams with Under-18 players

As we reminded those present at the recent BSF AGM, protective gear for Under-18s is mandated by ISF rules.  The BSF has budgeted to help teams with the costs of providing such equipment, but we need to know who to help.

Leagues and teams needing to acquire such protective gear can approach the BSF for assistance.  Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Additional data

The BSF intends to collect more data from registered teams this year to give us a better knowledge of our membership, build a marketing profile for sponsorship and also to provide robust statistics for Sport England and others to demonstrate participation and inclusivity in softball. 

We will contact all teams about this during the season.

Data Protection

The information you enter through this website will be used by the British Softball Federation (BSF) for the purpose of administering our sport and communicating softball community news and information to our member leagues, teams and players.

BSF may approve the use of this data for authorised purposes by designated agents such as BaseballSoftballUK, and may use the data to fulfil the necessary reporting requirements of competent bodies such as Sport England, particularly regarding participation numbers and diversity & equality compliance.

Your personal details will not be passed to third-party commercial enterprises.