BSF Survey on the National Softball League

Tue 8 Nov 2011

The BSF would like to hear from co-ed slowpitch teams -- particularly those that play in weekend tournaments or are interested in doing so -- about a proposal to expand the National Softball League to further grades of play. Currently, only A-grade play is organised in this manner.

At present, the NSL requires its teams to enter up to five specific tournaments over the softball season, with points awarded that determine final NSL placings and qualification to the Premier Nationals. If further NSL divisions are formed, placings will impact on qualification to other National Championships.

Last year's NSL overview can be found here.

Early feedback from the survey will be used by the BSF when it meets on the weekend of November 12-13 and then at the League Heads Forum on November 26, when a workshop session on the NSL and the potential creation of an NSL 2 will be held. The survey will help the BSF to understand what will support the softball community best.

Completion of the survey by November 23 will be appreciated.

To go to the survey, click here.

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Matthew Waller 21:08


I captain a C-comp tournament team, we play in several outside London every year. When we’re not playing I often play for other teams.

I definitely wouldn’t like the NSL to extend to C-comp as this would make it too much of a commitment. It might also mean that players for one team that was not playing in a particular tournament wouldn’t be allowed to play for other teams instead.

I think that extending the NSL to B-comp could mean that no new A-comp teams will be formed as they would have to play in the 2nd division NSL for at least a year. Instead the players will join existing A-comp teams. You could ask Blue Steel what they would have done.




Ben Taylor 09:34

I have to disagree. I used to play for a C team and currently coach a number of C players. They are very competitive and would very much like a league to play in apart from the local one.

Pitting your team against others in a national league with the possibility of doing well and being promoted would be nothing but motivational.



Dave King 19:03

For me, NSL would only work if applied to all levels of Softball, with promotion and relegation. Having different sets of rules & regs is just over complicating Softball.

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