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    GB Women top second-round group at Euros

    The GB Women’s Fastpitch Team completed the second round at the European Women’s Championship with two more wins today to remain unbeaten and ensure a place in the Europe/Africa Olympic Qualifier.

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    Grounds crew needed for Farnham Park

    BaseballSoftballUK is looking for people to work as part of the grounds crew at its National Baseball and Softball Complex at Farnham Park, near Slough.

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    Farnham Park to host London Cup on 6-7 June

    Almost two years to the day after the National Baseball and Softball Centre at Farnham Park was opened by BSUK, the venue will host its first international competition on the weekend of 6-7 June.

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    BSUK looking for casual staff for Farnham Park

    BSUK would like to employ a number of casual staff to look after its new facility at Farnham Park.  Staff are needed to cover bookings on evenings and weekends. The role is suited to people who are practical and good with their hands, and staff will be paid at £10-£12 per hour.

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    A real batting cage comes to Manchester

    The Manchester Outlaws Softball Club, which has three teams at different levels in the Manchester Softball League, has brought a proper commercial pitching machine to the North West and built a batting cage to go around it at the Hough End Social Club ground at Chorlton.

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    Farnham Park: Questions and Answers

    Construction work on new dedicated baseball and softball pitches at Farnham Park near Slough is almost complete, and BSUK has been fielding a lot of questions about when the pitches can be used, who can use them, and conditions and costs.  Click through for some answers.

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    Farnham Park facilities near completion

    The new dedicated baseball and softball diamonds being built by BSUK at Farnham Park near Slough are nearing completion.  Grass has been seeded, and how well it grows and beds in over the winter will determine when in 2013 the fields can be used.

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    Field redevelopment scheduled as Brighton & Hove Softball League expands

    The Brighton and Hove Softball League started up at the beginning of May with an expansion from four teams to seven, a new development league running concurrently with the main league and a grant from BSUK to redevelop the storied Pavilion Field baseball and softball complex.

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    Norfolk Softball League solves its field problem

    Incessant rain has made a lot of British softball and baseball diamonds unplayable in recent weeks.  But the Norfolk Softball League, based in Fakenham, decided to do something about the problem.

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    BSF finds new venue for National Championships

    BSF Tournaments Officers Liz Graham and Lesley Morisetti have found a new venue to host national championships. Burleigh Community College, a specialist sports college in Loughborough, Leicestershire, will be the venue for the League All-Star Nationals and Single-Sex Nationals in 2012.