By Liz Graham

The National Softball League began the 2024 season with a newly expanded Division 3, and 4 new teams, making a 40 team league.

Pioneers and H2O are leading the way after the first weekend, followed by last season’s winners Legends. The winner of the league will get a place in the Slowpitch European Championships in 2025. H2O already have a place as current champions after winning in 2023. Newly promoted The Mob are sitting mid table in their first flurry of NSL1 play.

NSL Division 1 Play-Off games 

Pioneers 22 H2O 13 

Knights default win 

Chromies 16 Greensox 13 

Pioneers NSL1 team

NSL Division 2 

Newly promoted Meerkats (Manchester) have taken the leader place after the first weekend play. 

Manchester Meerkats NSL2 team

NSL Division 2 Play-Off games

Warriors 16 Badgers 5

LNZ 13  Naturals 12

Mavericks 14 Bracknell 9

NSL Division 3

Division 3 is split into two groups of eight teams. MK Diamonds and Storm are leading the pack after the first1st weekend's play. 

NSL3 team Storm


NSL Division 3 Play-Off games

MK 16 Storm 14

Stormers 28 Foxes 17

SPAM 16 Maidenhead 2

Bobcats 9 M-Dodgers 8


NSL Weekend 2 is the 22nd and 23rd June.