BaseballSoftballUK is excited to announce the all-new Team Finder – the easiest way to find a baseball or softball team in the UK near you!


Since the inception of the Diamond Finder in 2011, BaseballSoftballUK’s website has featured a team-finding application, allowing any UK-based user to find British baseball or softball near them. With the launch of the new, mobile-friendly BSUK website last April, BSUK’s Operations Department determined that, while the Team Finder was a vital part of the British baseball and softball online offering, it was in dire need of an update. In determining which platform to build the new Team Finder on, BSUK evaluated several map platforms, with a key focus on ease of use and the ability to list multiple teams at a single location – two of the most common requests from the current playing community.

The new Team Finder is built on the Super Store Finder platform, created by Joe Iz, and is designed to allow potential players to access all team information in one place. Every team is able to list their contact information, social media, and website on their individual listing, giving potential players a direct line from the Finder to playing opportunities. The new Team Finder will automatically show all the teams within a 100-mile radius of your location, and you can search for teams by typing any UK postcode. The Team Finder listings are divided by sport type, and the new Finder has even more options for teams and users – with the addition of Disability Baseball/Softball teams and sport-specific softball categories (Fastpitch/Slowpitch/Both) to make the user experience even easier.

The new Team Finder was implemented by Crayte’s Tim Stride, with assistance from BSUK Operations Manager John Anderson and Public Relations Officer Chris Knoblock.

“The Team Finder is one of the most viewed online pages for British baseball and softball, so it was vital that we had an application that was easy to use and displayed the information in an easy-to-read manner,” said Chris Knoblock, BaseballSoftballUK Public Relations Officer. “This new Team Finder checks both boxes, giving us even more flexibility to aggregate and share Club and Team information with potential players. As we update the Finder with the latest information, it will be an incredibly useful tool across all formats of our sports for years to come!”

As part of the Team Finder launch process, BSUK’s operations staff is undertaking the update process, with a new system for providing up-to-date club and team information. To update your team’s listing, please click the form here or at the bottom of this story.

Questions? Email Chris Knoblock here.