The British Softball Federation and the GBR Performance Management Group is proud to announce that all staff positions have now been filled on the 2023 Great Britain Under-13 and Under-15 female fastpitch national teams.

Vacant staff positions on these teams were advertised early in February, and interviews and final selections took place towards the end of the month.

The two teams have been combined into a single programme this year, headed by Jodie Rushin and The Performance Team, to align with GBR performance standards, UK Sport investment, and the creation of a World Class Performance Programme for female national teams.


This summer, the GBR Under-13s will compete from 16-19 August in the annual European Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy (EMRYT) in Collecchio, Italy and will travel to Croatia for a preparation tournament in the week prior to the EMRYT competition.  These will be the first international competitions for a number of athletes on the team, who are looking forward representing Great Britain on the European stage.

The GB Under-15s do not have an official European competition this year but will prepare for the European Under-15 Women’s Championship in 2024 by competing in one of the world’s top tournaments, the Canada Cup, from 10-16 July 2023.

GBR Under-13 Staff

The full staff appointed to the GBR Under-13 Team is:

Head Coach & Team Physio:  Jodie Rushin
Assistant Coach:  Holly Ireland
Assistant Coach:  Hannah Edwards
Pitching Coach:  Dawne Edwards
Team Operations Manager:  Julie Spittle

While Julie Spittle, Hannah Edwards and Dawne Edwards are reprising their roles on the GB Under-13 staff, all of them were asked to re-apply and re-interview for their positions.  Dawne and Hannah Edwards are long-time participants in GBR programmes and will continue to support the players with passion and enthusiasm.

The new member of the Under-13 staff is Holly Ireland, who has been instrumental in developing young athletes in the UK over a number of years and has worked unofficially with both the Under-13s and Under-15s in the past.

GBR Under-15 Staff

The full staff appointed to the GBR Under-15 Team is:

Head Coach:  Jodie Rushin
Assistant Coach:  Dani Briggs
Assistant Coach:  Shannon Plese
Assistant Coach:  Jasmine Rushin
Assistant Coach:  Amie Hutchison*
Pitching Coach:  Al Spinas-Valainis
Team Operations Manager:  Sarah Rushin
Team Physio:  Natasha Furnell

* Non-travelling Assistant Coach

In putting together the new GBR Under-15 staff, both international and domestic candidates were considered, with the aim of strengthening the programme and evolving to reach standards of international competition with a team where athletes are spread around the world.

The combination of staff based in both the UK and the US will allow the Under-15s to meet the challenges of international competition while also focusing on player retention and future opportunities for players to progress through the Performance Pathway.

We wish both National Teams the best of luck this summer, as they proudly represent Great Britain in Europe and on a world level.