The BSF Executive held its latest monthly meeting on Monday 22nd April 2024. Below is a report on the main discussions and decisions. The original meeting was scheduled for Monday 15th April and was rescheduled to the 22nd due to a clash with safeguarding course for executive board members.


Present: Lesley Morisetti (President), Alice Hunter (National Teams Officer), Jessica Hastings (Admin Assistant), Laura Burkhardt (Treasurer), Laura Hirai (Fastpitch Development Officer), Liz Graham (Competitions and Membership Officer), Pete Saunders (Technical Officer), Shiraz Mehra (General Officer), Stella Ackrell (Safeguarding Officer), Tim Bishop (Athlete Commission).

Apologies: Jordan Cooper (General Officer—Marketing), Matt Tomlin (Athletes Commission), Nicola-Jane Dyson (General Officer – 2026 Euros).

National Teams and GBMC Appointments

Alice Hunter detailed the appointments made for GB mens fastpitch senior national team. Darryl Herrmann is Head Coach and Simon Thacker is Team Manager. For GB mens U16 team, Natalie Hull is Head Coach and Martin Leslie is Team Manager. For co-ed slowpitch national team Dan Spinks is the Head Coach and Stewart Butcher is Team Manager. Amy Moore joins the coaching team for the upcoming U15 womens softball tournament in Czechia.

Preparation for the upcoming season is going well, with all appointments made and personnel in place.

Coaching Programme Stalls

Alice Hunter gave an update on the BSUK coaching programme. Since February the new coaching programme being developed by BSUK has not progressed. This is in part due to staff changes at BSUK, the implementation of Sport:80 and other projects. The project outlined in earlier presentations by BSUK and team, has really positive aspects so it is unfortunate that it is delayed.

TeamLinkt Player Registration Launched

Liz Graham reports that all leagues have been sent relevant invoices for fees. Insurance is all in place and paperwork can be supplied if requested by clubs/leagues. The registrations through TeamLinkt are underway. There are leagues not able to or wanting to share their league data currently.

New BASU Assesment System Trialled

Pete Saunders for BASU updated us on the new assessment method and grading system being trialled. BASU are also partnering new and mid experienced umpires with very experienced umpires to help drive development and progression. The international umpire training sessions have started and there are 2 British umpires partaking.

Sessions to Showcase Fast and Slow Pitch at Farnham Park

Laura Hirai reports that the GB fastpitch league started and there was great feedback about the Olympia team friendly games. Following the recent BBF mix and match baseball session at Farnham Park, Laura is looking to implement a similarly styled session for softball. A 3 or 4 hour session to showcase fast pitch and slow pitch, over the GB fastpitch weekends using available fields. Laura will present a plan at the next meeting. Umpiring for fastpitch has had 8-10 people register their interest. Laura is awaiting response from umpires to deliver the sessions during GB fastpitch league weekends, as most respondents are players too. Lesley made a note of utilising the slowpitch online training tools as most videos can be used for fastpitch as well.