Following an extensive review and under the supervision of BaseballSoftballUK’s Performance Department, BSUK is relaunching the Academy for the 2023-24 offseason with a completely new focus and curriculum. The new Academy is multi-faceted and accessible, offering technical guidance to support the skill and gameplay development of players and coaches, focusing on the core skills of hitting, throwing, pitching and base-running.

The mission is to empower players and coaches to reach their full potential by providing resources and support to enhance the skills, knowledge, and passion of every athlete, enabling them to excel on the field, building a stronger future for the sports.


The sections of the revised Academy are as follows:

Fastpitch Softball Academy

Designed not only to improve the skills of current fastpitch softball players but to help identify new talent, the Fastpitch Softball Academy is perfect for players of all abilities. Highly recommended for GBFL teams and players, the Fastpitch Academy will make use not only of coaches but members of the Great Britain Softball National Team Programme. More information here.

Slowpitch Softball Academy

Building off the successful Slowpitch Academy sessions at tournaments over the summer, the Slowpitch Softball Academy is now a permanent part of the Academy structure. This section of the academy will keep existing players game-ready for the outdoor playing season, and is a great way to introduce new players to the sport. More here

Baseball Academy

Working in tandem with the British Baseball Federation, the Baseball Academy is designed for players of all ages to join. Players will receive specific instruction from high-level baseball coaches and put to practice what they learn during training. More information here.

High Performance Academy

The HPA is an invitation-only Academy for Great Britain National Team Players. The objective of this specific player pathway is the identification and development of home-grown talent. HPA players work directly with elite coaches, including those from the national teams, to ensure they have the best possible coaching and development for elite players. More information and a request to join is here.

Information and registration information for all of the Academies can be found at Please note that Eventbrite is the registration platform for the Academies.

Questions? Contact Colin Barrett at