The official AGM Pack for the 2021 BSF AGM is now available to download here.

British Softball Federation logoThe 2021 AGM will be held as a remote meeting from 2.00-4.00 pm on Saturday 27 February.

Joining instructions

To join the 2021 BSF AGM, please use the following link:

You can test out this link any time in advance.  Ideally, the link should be pasted into a Chrome browser, which should work particularly well for anyone with a Gmail email account.  

Due to the challenges of holding this meeting remotely, the BSF asks that those who attend the meeting remain muted unless and until they wish to speak.

Questions can be raised either by using the ‘Raise your Hand’ function in Google Meet or by posting questions in the chat function, which will be monitored throughout the meeting.

Voting will be managed by a Google Form that can be accessed by all through the chat function.  Only official team or league representatives can vote, and their votes will remain anonymous to all except the President and the person tabulating them.

Attendance requirements

Normal AGM attendance requirements that applied in previous years will be suspended for the 2021 AGM. 

The only requirement for the 2021 AGM is that all slowpitch leagues affiliated in 2019 will need to have a representative at the meeting in order for any of their teams to take part in Co-ed Slowpitch League National Championships in 2021.

For information on which teams will be eligible for the Co-ed Slowpitch League Nationals in 2021, see the report in the AGM Pack from BSF Competitions Officer Liz Graham.

In general, a league representative cannot also represent a team at the AGM for voting purposes.  However, a League Head who is a genuine registered playing member of a team from that league can represent both the league and that team -- but such a person will only have one vote, not two.

If you are representing both your league and team at the AGM, as in the paragraph above, please let the BSF know beforehand (email Competitions Officer Liz Graham).

AGM Pack contents

The 2021 BSF AGM Pack contains:

  • A report from the 2020 BSF AGM.
  • President's Report.
  • Competition Officer's Report and NSL Overview.
  • National Teams Report.
  • BSF Accounts and Budget.
  • Team Affiliation Fees for 2021.
  • Annual Awards.
  • Information for the Election of BSF Officers.
  • Statement from Presidential Candidate Ieuan Gale.
  • Motions to the AGM.
  • BSU Report.
  • New WBSC Safety Regulations.
  • 2021 Softball Calendar.