BASU Officers and members worked hard over the pandemic to create an online version of the two-day BASU Slowpitch Qualification Course, and this has been rolled out since 2022 in place of the in-person courses that were held previously.  The modules that comprise the course are viewed in a number of separate blocks, with a remote tutorial at the end of each block, and then a field day and assessment at the end of the course. 

A major contribution to the video modules was made by BASU umpire Chris Lunn, who provided outstanding animation and graphics.

Courses in 2025

Following another successful series of training courses in 2024 where nearly 120 candidates signed up, we have started the ball rolling earlier this year and the start dates for the 2025 BASU training Courses have been announced.  The following leagues have provisionally booked these start dates: BASUTrainingOfficer

Cardiff Softball League -- Monday 13th January

Bristol Softball Association -- Tuesday 14th January

Windsor & Maidenhead Softball League - Wednesday 15th January

East Midlands Softball League -- Thursday 16th January

London Softball League -- Monday 20th January

Manchester Softball League -- Tuesday 21st January

London Softball League -- Wednesday 22nd January

Other leagues interested in courses should contact BASU Training Officer Colin Russell.

If you are interested in joining a course coordinated by your league, please contact your UiC to request a place (or ask your captain to contact the UiC on your behalf).  If your league is not running a course, please contact your UiC and ask them to contact as we may have spaces on one or more courses.

Individuals interested in taking the course should contact their league in the first instance, then contact Colin Russell if their league isn't planning to hold a course in 2024.  Each course is limited to 16 candidates, but some leagues may have available spaces for individuals from outside the league.

Course content

The BASU umpire training course consists of four blocks of online video training followed by a multiple choice test.  For each block you will have two weeks to watch roughly 10 videos online (in your own time); each block lasts about an hour.  These videos have questions embedded in them for you to answer.  Each block is followed by a Zoom tutorial of roughly an hour, to cover any questions people may have. Then we repeat for the next block.

We then have a practical day involving minimal classroom work (maybe none) and plenty of on-field training to help you with the mechanics of umpiring.

At the end of the day we like to give you the chance to umpire a practice game, with feedback to help you to improve.

We would anticipate only new umpires (who have attended fewer than two courses) to attend the practical day.  Experienced umpires could choose to attend a practical day if they wish.

Successful candidates will also need an assessment at a league or tournament game to complete their BASU qualification.