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Tue 12 Apr 2011

It's been a long time coming, but the British Softball Federation -- along with the BBF and BSUK -- finally has a new website!

The new website at is the joint creation of two firms -- The Purple Agency and Spawtz. They were engaged by the BSUK and the BSF to create a site that will serve the needs of the softball community now and into the future. The Purple Agency is responsible for the much more modern look and feel of the new site, but the people at Spawtz, who have direct experience of British softball as well as many other sports, are responsible for most of the softball-specific functionality.

Registration and Rostering

One of the biggest complaints about the old BSF website, which was custom-built by current BSUK Chair and former BSF President Geof Ellingham but is now almost ten years old, a geological age in website terms, was that the registration and rostering processes were cumbersome and not very user-friendly.

So it has been a key aim in designing the new site to make these processes as simple and efficient as possible -- though players and team managers will need to let us know if we've succeeded! However, anticipating that these processes will be much improved, the BSF is requiring all teams and players to roster on the website this year for insurance and data collection purposes.

In the past, with registration sporadic and generally confined to teams with aspirations to play in National Championships, the BSF had no way to communicate with all its members and no reliable way to count them, which is vital in terms of maintaining funding from Sport England and trying to attract sponsors. With full registration now required, the BSF will be better able to serve and support its members.

New Features

Content on the new website will be added and upgraded over the coming weeks, so users may find some pages either blank or still under construction. This is inevitable when new sites are launched and a great deal of content has to be migrated from an old site or created afresh.

But the website does contain a number of important new features and functions that players, teams and leagues can use during the coming season:

  • Easy league and tournament registration for teams, including online payments
  • The ability to register on the site as a "ringer" or "free agent" who is looking for a playing opportunity
  • A revamped Diamond Finder, helping match potential new players with nearby leagues and teams
  • Team communication tools, allowing captains to quickly check their players' availability for games by email or text message

Another aspect of the new website is that it will incorporate all the elements of what was formerly a separate website for BASU, with new features and functionality to be added over the course of the year.


Everyone in the softball community is urged to look through and try out the new BSF website, and then provide feedback on any glitches, bugs or anything you think could be improved, as well as telling us what you like about the site.

Amendments will be made to content and functionality on the site throughout the rest of the year, based in part on your suggestions.

Please send feedback to the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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