GBFL races tighten at halfway point

Mon 15 May 2017

After some epic encounters in both the Men’s and Women’s Divisions in the Great Britain Fastpitch League on Saturday 6 May at Farnham Park, the league will now take a one-week  mid-season break with races tightening up, particularly for the Men.

Men’s Division

Meteors Blue had topped the table in the Men’s Division for the first two weeks of play, with Meteors Black close on their heels.  On 6 May, the two teams met and Meteors Black emerged 12-11 victors after a long, tense struggle, leaving both teams tied with 8-2 records at the top of the standings.

But if either team cares to glance over their shoulder, they’ll see Meteors Green just one game back in the lost column at 6-3-1.  And even the Tigers, at 5-4, are not exactly out of the race.

Meteors Green, with a number of GB Under-19 Men’s Team players in the squad, won three and lost only one (by 8-6 to the Tigers) on 6 May to haul themselves into contention.

Chichester Falcons, at 0-9-1, remain the only winless team in either division, but they have been competitive in many of their games, and only lost 7-1 to Meteors Black and 13-6 to the Tigers in their last two games on 6 May.

Scores and standings

Meteors Black 10, Chichester Falcons 0
Meteors Green 10, Meteors Red 3
Meteors Blue 20, Meteors Red 3
Tigers 8, Meteors Green 6
Meteors Black 12, Meteors Blue 11
Meteors Black 7, Chichester Falcons 1
Meteors Green 15, Tigers 1
Meteors Blue 14, Meteors Red 0
Tigers 13, Chichester Falcons 6
Meteors Green 13, Meteors Red 1

Meteors Black 8 2 0 .800 +29
Meteors Blue 8 2 0 .800 +66
Meteors Green 6 3 1 .650 +40
Tigers 5 4 1 .550 -20
Meteors Red 1 8 1 .150 -61
Chichester Falcons 0 9 1 .050 -54

Women’s Division​

In the Women’s Division, the Free Agents, featuring a number of GB Under-16 players, had an exciting day, winning their first game of the season by 6-5 over the Oxford Diamonds, then losing a 15-14 thriller to The Strays.

Meanwhile, The Mix suffered their first loss of the season, going down 10-6 to The Strays in the last game of the day.  This happened in part because The Mix loaned their best pitcher, Canadian Andrea Williams, to The Strays for the game so that the GB Women and Under-19 players on The Mix got a chance to hit against more challenging pitching.

Despite the loss, The Mix take a three-game lead into the break over the London Angels, with the Oxford Diamonds and The Strays tucked in behind the Angels and with thoughts of overtaking them when the season resumes.

Scores and standings

The Mix 13, London Angels 0
Free Agents 6, Oxford Diamonds 5
The Strays 15, Free Agents 14
Oxford Diamonds 4, London Angels 2
The Mix 17, The Strays 5
London Angels 14, Oxford Diamonds 2
The Strays 10, The Mix 6

The Mix 8 1 0 .889 +93
London Angels 5 4 0 .556 +13
Oxford Diamonds 4 4 0 .500 -17
The Strays 3 5 0 .375 -49
Free Agents 1 7 0 .125 -40

Second half

There will be no GBFL play on 13 May, as the league will make way for the first Diamond Series tournament of the season at Farnham Park.

The GBFL season resume on Saturday 20 May, and will conclude with play on Saturday 27 May and Saturday 4 June, less than two weeks before the GB Women’s Team leaves for the European Women’s Championship.  Other national teams – and GBFL players – will head for tournaments abroad soon afterwards.

Photos by Jan Grafton

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