BSF seeking development grant requests

Thu 7 Jun 2018

The British Softball Federation sets aside a sum of money each year to give out to leagues, teams and occasionally individuals or other organisations in the form of development grants, and the BSF is now looking for new applications.

Last year, the BSF distributed £1800 in development grants to seven different leagues and teams, but only one grant has been made this year and there have not been many applications. 

The BSF is keen to spend the amount it has budgeted, since BSF development grants, though usually limited to a maximum of £250, can make a difference and improve players’ experience of the sport.

Generally, BSF development grants are awarded for purposes such as:

  • Recruiting new players.
  • Helping to run coaching or umpire courses locally.
  • Improving playing facilities.
  • Purchasing safety equipment such as batting helmets, catcher’s masks or, for fastpitch, catcher’s gear.
  • Staging player clinics, especially for new players.
  • Purchasing playing or training equipment for use beyond a single team.
  • Starting and running junior sections.
  • Supporting the costs of safeguarding training.

This list is far from exhaustive, and other suggestions will always be considered.

In addition, where need can be demonstrated, grants in excess of £250 can be awarded.

To get an BSF Development Grant application form, contact Liz Graham:

To discuss a possible grant, contact BSF President Jenny Fromer:

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BSF development grants available, apply