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Thu 25 Oct 2018

The British Softball Federation and the GB Management Committee are currently critically understaffed and are struggling to fulfil their projects and obligations.  So the BSF is putting out a call for help.

Please take the time to look through the tasks and roles set out below and to consider whether you or someone you know might be willing to help out in some way.

This is not a call for people to join the BSF Executive -- it is instead a call for volunteers to take on one of the specific tasks or roles below and to work with and report to the Executive to ensure their delivery.

Here are the areas where help is needed:

National Championships Organiser
The BSF is looking for someone to take responsibility for the organisation and delivery of the BSF Co-ed Slowpitch League National Championships and/or the Single-Sex Slowpitch Nationals.

World Series Organiser
Someone is needed to take responsibility for the delivery of the Softball World Series tournament in September, including recruiting and overseeing volunteers for set-up/breakdown at the tournament, managing rosters and dispensation requests, managing transport of overseas-based teams and overseeing the event itself.  This role does not necessarily include pre-organisation of the tournament; it’s about delivery at the time.

Member of the BSUK Development Strategy Committee
This role is suitable for someone with an interest in softball development in the UK.  It would involve attending four to six meetings of BSUK’s Development Strategy Committee per year and acting as liaison between the DSC and the BSF Executive.  Meetings are held on midweek evenings at the BSUK office in London.

Development Grant Manager
The BSF needs someone to manage its development grant programme, including establishing clear criteria, promoting the opportunity, working with applicants to ensure the quality of applications and collecting and evaluating post-grant reports.

National Teams Officer
This is a critical role in the oversight of GB Softball Teams, and while the role covers all formats, a knowledge of fastpitch softball would be helpful.  The National Teams Officer will chair the GB Management Committee and contribute to the overall workload of the GBMC, and will be a member of the BSF Executive.

BSF Coaching Organiser
Someone is needed to plan and deliver a programme of coaching for B-grade and C-grade teams, including promoting the opportunity, sourcing coaches and arranging delivery.

BSF Merchandising Organiser
This role will involve developing BSF (including GB) merchandise and planning and executing a mechanism for sales.

Website Development Lead
The BSF is planning to upgrade its website and needs someone to take the lead on this project.  This is a project management role; technical knowledge of websites is not a requirement.

GB Social Media Lead
The BSF is looking for someone who can plan and execute a strong and consistent social media presence for all GB National Teams and for the Federation, including the effective promotion of any sponsor(s).

Webstreaming Manager
Someone is needed to oversee the delivery of the BSF’s planned 2019 webstreaming programme.

Promotional Video(s) Manager
Someone is needed to plan and oversee the delivery of BSF promotional and training videos.  A media background would be helpful but is not essential.

GB Management Committee Member
More people are required to join and help with the workload of the GB Management Committee, which supports and oversees all GB Softball Teams, both fastpitch and slowpitch.  This role is suitable for those interested in international softball.

GB Management Committee Treasurer
This role requires someone with a strong financial background or accounting skills to act as the Treasurer for the GB Management Committee and to oversee the accounts of all GB Softball Teams.  A system and accounts are already set up for this purpose.

GB Uniforms Manager
A person is required to handle the logistics of ordering all GB uniforms as needed and ensuring that all GB Softball teams are competition-ready with regard to uniforms.  A system and supplier for uniforms is already in place, so the role is to manage and possibly extend the existing system.

Lead for Hosting a European Softball Event
The BSF is keen to make a bid to the ESF to host an official European competition at Farnham Park in the near future and is looking for someone to evaluate the possibilities, cost the project and prepare a bid for 2020.

Management of a Sponsorship Arrangement between GB Softball Teams and Physique
Physique is a company specialising in first aid and sports injury and rehab products, and currently give a discount on these products to GB Fastpitch Teams in return for some basic publicity.  But this deal can be expanded to bring more benefits to GB Softball if we can support it with better social media and personal outreach, and the GBMC is looking for someone to expand and develop this arrangement.

If you would like to discuss any of these roles further, please contact BSF President Jenny Fromer on email or ring 07766 758 529.

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