Leeds dominates North West Series finale—and the Series

Wed 20 Sep 2017

The North West Softball Series came to a climax on Saturday 16 September when the third and final tournament in the series was played at Parrs Wood School in Didsbury, Manchester, with nine teams in attendance on a mostly dry day.

Leeds softball dominated on the day, with all three West Yorkshire teams competing for first place in the Gold Cup, and in the series overall. 

Leeds Lightning finished in first place for the series after placing in third in all three tournaments, showing that consistency is the key!


The tournament followed the same format as before, with the nine teams divided into three groups and completing two round-robins before finally being split into Bronze, Silver and Gold brackets and playing two final games for the respective trophies.

This C-grade and D-grade tournament was devised to allow teams of beginners a chance to play without being disadvantaged.  More experienced teams gave their newest players plenty of game time, giving them a chance to learn the game.

Captains who entered a team for the whole series were awarded with an exclusive North West Series bottle of beer to show appreciation for the hard work they do.

Tournament organisers proudly enforced the compulsory helmet rule, which is a hot topic in Manchester, with MSL captains recently voting for helmets to be worn by every batter and runner in league games from 2018.

Beginners and winners

Brand-new team Firewolves, who got together following rookie sessions held throughout the summer by the Manchester Softball League, played together for the first time at North West Series 3 and were excited to enter.

Captain Adam Scott said, “Everyone was lovely and we all had a fantastic time!  We'll definitely be entering any future tournaments.”

Gold Cup winners were the Leeds Bobcats, the Tigers won the Silver Cup and the Basehunters took the Bronze trophy.

The placings for each tournament, and for the series, are shown below.


Luis Arrevillagas, BSUK’s North West Development Manager, said, “We came up with the idea to run a softball series in the North West to meet a growing demand for teams to play without having to travel the length and breadth of the country.  We are really proud of what the tournaments have achieved, from the initial thought in early spring to completing three exciting, fun and spirited tournaments by autumn.

“The feedback we have received has been fantastic and we are already planning for the 2018 series to make it bigger and better.”

North West Regional Coach Linni Mitchell said, “It’s been super fun hosting these three tournaments over the summer.  Luis and I have made an effort to make the series extra-special for players, from giving umpires sweets to hand out to decorating softballers’ faces with glitter on the sidelines.  Little things like that add up and really improve the overall tournament experience.”

To view more photos from the day, visit www.facebook.com/NWSoftballSeries/.

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