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Thu 10 Dec 2020

In December 2019, the British Softball Federation renewed the two insurance policies which provide Civil and Public Liability (CPL) cover for all member teams and their players and Personal Accident (PA) cover, which is provided only to those leagues that opt to buy it on behalf of all their teams.

As Covid lockdown was imposed before the 2020 season started (although many teams would have been active over the winter of 2019-20 with practices, pick-up games and indoor play), the BSF received no renewals of membership in the spring of 2020 and consequently no fees for the year, with no leagues buying the PA cover available.

The 2020 season passed with very little softball activity but with fully-maintained insurance coverage.

Civil and Public Liability (CPL) Insurance

Very recently, our previous insurers indicated that we would have to seek an alternative provider for any renewal of the CPL cover for December 2020 and beyond.  The BSF, on its members’ behalf, immediately extended the existing cover for a period sufficient to select a new provider, and with the help of BaseballSoftballUK we have now confirmed CPL cover to December 2021, so maintaining continuity of cover. 

We will now ask for the issuance of a renewed Certificate of Coverage.  Member Leagues and Teams will be able to obtain a copy of this as required by any venue to be used for 2020-21 winter activity.  All BSF activity, including official national teams travelling to international events, is now protected against third party liability through December 2021.

The BSF will receive no membership fees to fund this policy until registration commences in the spring of 2021.

Personal Accident (PA) Insurance

The BSF usually pays this annual premium in advance, based on the number of leagues and teams that opted for it in the previous year.  Only if the same number sign up again do their fees cover the cost.  If fewer opt in, the BSF bears the cost of the shortfall. 

As the last time Leagues and Teams indicated any preference for this cover was the spring of 2019, the BSF has decided not to renew the policy at this time, but to seek re-quotes from a range of suppliers and select a new PA policy for leagues to consider for purchase commencing in the spring of 2021.  Leagues and their teams who last opted for this cover in 2019 should be aware that it lapsed as of 1 December 2020, after a year of cover at no cost to them.

As no fees were collected for this cover in 2020, any 2021 renewal will be based on our initial estimate of how many leagues and teams will opt to buy this cover.  The cost of further cover will then depend on the actual number of teams that sign up in 2021.

The BSF will contact Leagues about this insurance early next year when quotes are available.

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