Information available for new softball teams

Sun 2 Mar 2014

The British Softball Federation has published three new documents on the BSF website to provide guidance for new slowpitch or fastpitch softball teams during the period when they are just starting out, and then when they want to make sure that the team can grow and remain viable.

The documents can be found in a new section under the Get Involved tab in the top menu on the BSF website.

The documents are: Starting a Softball Team, Developing Your Softball Team or Club, and, for players new to softball, Fastpitch and Slowpitch Softball Differences.

Starting and growing

The document Starting a Softball Team provides ideas and advice on starting a new softball team, learning the rules and basic skills and then joining a league or finding other ways to begin playing games.

The document on Developing Your Softball Club or Team provides ideas and advice to ensure that your new team can grow and remain viable over time through acquiring a structure, a committee, a Constitution, a bank account and other elements that may
sound boring but are at the heart of any successful sporting enterprise.

The document on Fastpitch and Slowpitch Softball Differences does what it says on the tin!

Help and advice

Beyond these documents, help for new teams starting out in softball can be sourced from the BSF, from BaseballSoftballUK, the development agency for the two sports and from local softball leagues.

To get connected to available help, email:

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Elvis Hall 15:29

I would like to join a team and I have a few friends that would also like to join a team in Regents Streets Park area. And also after this year next year I would like to make my own team after this year . Please if you send me information on how I go by joining a team as there many things on websites but cant seem to speak to anyone.

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