Great offers on field equipment from BSUK and EP Sports

Thu 3 Mar 2016

Elite Performance Sports EP Sports LogoWith the season fast approaching, BaseballSoftballUK and EP Sports have teamed up to offer clubs some fantastic deals on field equipment.

We know that each year many league, club and team volunteers trawl the web looking for good deals on field equipment and often get stung by import duty when ordering from the United States.

So this year, we've taken on the work for you and come up with some great deals, thanks to the help of Joe Black and the team at EP Sports.

Take a look at the this flyer, where you’ll find everything from L-screens to bases, and even bleachers and portable pitching mounds.

Place your orders by 10 March and have the equipment delivered by mid-April.

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gareth dunn 15:12


I know that when I’ve tried to kit the school team out the leggings on sale in the UK are a real turn off in both quality and style. The lads won’t touch the baseball pants on offer from UK suppliers because they look like pyjamas or feel like they will fall to bits after a couple of games. I’ve just ordered some Under Armor pants for the girls from the states but only because my mum lives in Texas and can post them on.
As for field kit I think we do OK but its good to get these offers.

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