GB Softball looking for help with accounts and catering

Mon 15 Dec 2014

The GB Management Committee (GBMC), an arm of the British Softball Federation that oversees national softball teams and fastpitch development in the UK, is looking for help in 2015 with accounting and catering.

Financial help

As far as financial help is concerned, the GBMC is looking for someone with relevant skills and background to run a bank account that services the GBMC and three GB youth fastpitch teams. 

The role will involve keeping track of payments in and out, responding promptly to the needs of team managers, helping with the collection of GB Affiliation Fees from players and drawing up annual accounts.

Anyone interested in this financial role, or finding out more about it, should contact BSF National Teams Officer Beth Perkins.

Catering help

With regard to catering, the GBMC, which raised money by providing homemade food for the Great Britain Fastpitch League last summer, would like to expand its operations in 2015 to provide catering at larger softball events, but will need additional help to do so. 

The money raised from this and other GBMC fundraising operations all goes to support GB Softball teams and programmes.

Anyone interested in helping with GBMC catering operations next summer should contact BSF Marketing Officer Mark Wigington.

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