GB Management Committee holds weekend meetings

Tue 8 Oct 2013

The GB Management Committee, a group that oversees and provides support for all Great Britain softball national teams, held a series of productive meetings over the weekend of 5-6 October in West London and Slough.


On Saturday 5 October, the Committee met in Hampton with coaches and managers from most GB national teams.  One of the key discussion items was a review of surveys sent to national team players -- and to parents in the case of youth teams -- asking for feedback on their experiences in training and competing with national teams in European or World Championships this year.  In most cases, the feedback was very positive, but a number of issues emerged that will help these programmes get better in future.

There was also a review of national team budgets and logistics for tours and a discussion on raising performance levels and how GB teams can play more competitive games before going to ESF or ISF tournaments.

Other discussions concerned the format of next year's Great Britain Fastpitch League, training opportunities for national teams at Farnham Park, national team fundraising and a new system that should provide playing uniforms and other clothing for all national teams though one supplier and with one consistent design.


On Sunday 6 October, the GB Management Committee reconvened in Slough to review the discussions on Saturday and to make plans to put various ideas and suggestions into action.

The Committee reviewed the performance of GB Teams in 2013 and concluded that overall, GB Softball is moving forward and the standard of play in most (not all) GB Teams is getting better.

Staffing for GB Teams in 2014 was discussed, and starting with the 2015 season, the Committee will advertise all Head Coach positions every two years, with those in post invited to re-apply for their position if they wish.  Staff for all GB Teams are volunteers.

There was also a review of the Fastpitch Pitcher Development Programme run this summer with the help of Sport England Small Grants, and the Committee reiterated the need for a schools development programme to be put in place that can increase the number of young players, particularly girls, who are introduced to fastpitch softball.

Discussions took place about the Academy Softball sessions that will start at the end of October and the new Talent Development programme being funded by Sport England through the Whole Sport Plan, the joint BSUK-BSF post that provided the BSF with a Softball Programmes Director this year and plans for enhanced fastpitch coach education.

Finally, the Committee began to shape a proposal it will put to the BSF Executive this autumn about spending on GB National Team programmes in the BSF's 2014-15 financial year.

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