Sun 18 Nov 2018

The British Softball Federation and the Great Britain National Teams programme urgently needs more people from the softball community to help out with administrative tasks and to serve on key committees.

Unless people come forward, competitions and programmes that we have come to take for granted in British Softball – including some of our national team programmes and National Championships -- may have to be curtailed or ended. 

At the present time, a diminishing number of people are trying to do more and more things, and that is never a situation that ends well!

There is a wide range of jobs to be done, and the BSF is not necessarily asking people who might take them on to also join committees and attend meetings.  It will be more than enough for people to manage a specific task.

But on the other hand, there is also an urgent need for more people to serve on the BSF Executive and the GB Management Committee.

What are the needs?

The BSF has many jobs that need to be done, and you can see a list of them, with brief descriptions, in this article on the BSF website. 

The GB Management Committee needs someone with a financial background to take on the role of Treasurer for the GBMC itself and for national teams.  A full description of this role can be found here.  

Two of our national fastpitch teams – the GB Under-18 Women and the GB Under-16 Women – are looking for Team Managers.  Both teams have European Championship competitions next summer, and details of what these roles entail can be found here.  

Finally, both the BSF Executive and the GB Management Committee need people to fill committee roles.  Anyone interested in exploring this further should contact BSF President Jenny Fromer.  

Please help

Please don’t just read this Newsflash and hit the delete button.  Instead, take some time to think whether you or someone you know might be able to get involved.  Some of the tasks and roles where help is needed might take up a reasonable amount of time, but others, while still crucial, will be much less demanding.

And don’t forget the element of self-interest.  Unless help is forthcoming soon, softball in Britain will begin to diminish in ways that may eventually affect your own enjoyment of the sport.  That’s not a situation that any of us want to see.

Best regards,
The BSF Executive

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