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    BASU to offer Advanced Umpire Courses

    BASU, the British Association of Softball Umpires, is planning to offer a one-day Advanced Slowpitch Course to a wider group of umpires in 2015.

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    Six slowpitch blues qualify at UK ESF course

    An ESF Slowpitch Umpire Course was held in Slough from 7-11 May, with instruction at Richings Park Softball Club and assessments at Diamond Series 1 at Farnham Park.  Six umpires obtained their ESF qualification.

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    BSF statement on bats and balls for 2014

    BSF Technical Officer Chris Moon has issued a statement to clarify the policy that the Federation will be following in 2014 with regard to which bats and balls will be legal for BSF play.

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    Efficient BASU AGM makes quick decisions

    The British Association of Softball Umpires (BASU) held a quick and professional 2014 AGM on Saturday 8 February at the Hough End Centre in Manchester, and made a number of decisions that will affect the upcoming and following seasons.

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    BASU AGM set for 8 February in Manchester

    The 2014 AGM for the British Association of Softball Umpires (BASU) will be held on Saturday 8 February starting at 1.30 pm at the Hough End Centre in Manchester, where the 2014 BSF AGM will be held two weeks later.

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    ESF Slowpitch Umpire Clinic planned for Britain

    The European Softball Federation is planning a Slowpitch Umpire Clinic to be held in Britain from 7-11 May 2014.  Umpires from all over Europe can attend, and the course will go ahead if a minimum of 10 candidates register.

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    Six European umpires pass ISF course

    Six European slowpitch umpires – two from Great Britain, two from Ireland and one each from Germany and France – passed an ISF Slowpitch Umpire course run in the UK from May 8-12 by ISF Umpire-in-Chief Bob Stanton, and are now accredited as ISF slowpitch umpires.

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    Great Britain Fastpitch League starts on May 5

    The Great Britain Fastpitch League (GBFL) will start its third season of play on Sunday 5 May at Richings Park Sports Club, with a new line-up of four senior teams in Division 1 and four in Division 2, but with promotion and relegation between the divisions after each day’s play.  The league will also include a three-team Under-13 Division.

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    ESF holds Technical Meeting in Rome

    ESF Technical Commissioners (TCs) and Umpire-in-Chiefs (UICs) held a key meeting at the Olympic Center in Rome on March 16-17, 2013.

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    BASU schedules 15 umpire training courses for Spring 2013

    Trainers from the British Association of Softball Umpires (BASU) will deliver 15 one-day and two-day umpire training courses for slowpitch softball leagues up and down the UK – and in Jersey – between March 16 and May 5.

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