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    Shafters Indoor Winter League flourishes in its debut season

    A new indoor softball league, set up and run in the Portsmouth area by the UPSU Shafters, brought together five local teams, including the Shafters, to provide competition experience over the winter months. The league has been a success, and the title was won by the Hursley Hurricanes.

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    BSF holds productive League Heads Forum

    The annual Softball League Heads Forum, held on Saturday, November 26 in Birmingham, considered the future development of softball in the UK, including umpire and coach training, and welcomed detailed proposals on extending the National Softball League to a second division.

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    Winter Indoor League underway at the University of Portsmouth

    A winter Indoor Softball League is being run during the off-season at the University of Portsmouth, with five teams and a new penalty rule for unequal numbers of male and female players.

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    Fastpitch League plays out final games in Norfolk

    The London Fastpitch Softball League (LFSL) played its final day of competition for 2011 in Fakenham, Norfolk on Saturday, September 17. Even though not all teams attended, winners were declared in the different divisions and the teams that will play in Europe next year were decided.

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    London Fastpitch Softball League to finish the season at Fakenham

    The London Fastpitch Softball League will round out a very successful second season with two final days of league play at Fakenham in Norfolk on the weekend of September 17-18.

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    Ice hockey e-magazine carries softball feature

    The online ice hockey magazine Powerplay recently ran a feature on what ice hockey players and coaches do during the off-season, and the answer turned out to be softball!

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    Manchester Softball League steps up development in 2011

    Manchester Softball League, which has already won BSF awards for development achievement, has stepped up its efforts in 2011 both on and off the field with regard to facility enhancement, sponsorship, growth, umpire development and communication.

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    Chromies top the standings after first NSL tournament

    While Chromies and H2O are familiar names at the top of the National Softball League standings after the first NSL tournament of the season was played at Diamond 1, the rest of the table contains some surprises.

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    London Fastpitch Softball League gets off to a flying start

    The rain held off, the players came from everywhere, the quality of play was surprisingly high and the London Fastpitch Softball League, now with 12 teams where there were just five last year, got off to a tremendous start with a great day of softball at Richings Park on Sunday, May 8.

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    Busy week for softball in Fakenham

    Fastpitch and slowpitch were on the menu during a busy last week of April for the softball community at Fakenham in Norfolk.

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