Following the recent resignation of GB Slowpitch Head Coach Stephen Patterson after 12 years in the position, the BSF is looking for a new Head Coach or Head Coaches to lead our Slowpitch National Team programmes.

Applicants can apply to be the Head Coach for both the GB Co-ed and GB Men’s Slowpitch Teams, as Stephen Patterson was, or can apply to coach only one of these teams.

The GB Co-ed Slowpitch Team will be competing in the 2024 European Co-ed Slowpitch Championship from 15-21 July this coming summer in Pardubice, Czechia, and the GB Men’s Slowpitch Team will also take part in a European Championship this summer if a host can be found for the tournament over the next couple of weeks.

The GB Slowpitch programme is ranked #1 in Europe and has been the most successful international programme in British Softball history, having won 13 out of 14 European Co-ed Slowpitch Championships played since 1998 and both of the European Men’s Slowpitch Championships played to date, in 2018 and 2022.

Programme review

Following the cancellation of the proposed Co-ed Slowpitch World Cup late last year, and the resignations of Stephen Patterson and longtime GB Slowpitch Team Manager Kellie Whitaker in January, the BSF is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of the GB Slowpitch programme.

The review is being carried out under the auspices of the GB Management Committee (GBMC) and is being conducted by an independent panel chaired by GB Softball Performance Director and Olympic Team Leader Gary Anderson.

GB Slowpitch squad members, along with current and former team staff, have been asked to complete Insight Surveys that will form an important basis for the panel’s conclusions and recommendations.

These recommendations will shape the parameters under which the programme’s new Head Coach or Head Coaches will be expected to operate.

The aim of the review will be to ensure that the GB Slowpitch programme is best placed to take advantage of any new World Cup initiatives from the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) and can maintain its excellent level of performances in European competitions, while ensuring that players in the GB Slowpitch pool have a chance to improve and progress.

Main responsibilities

The main responsibilities for the Head Coach of a Great Britain National Team, working in conjunction with the Team Manager and other staff, are to:

  • Take part in the selection and appointment of team staff.
  • Design and oversee annual player trials and selection.
  • Plan and oversee team training and competition in years when there is no European Championship.
  • Plan and oversee team training and camps in years when the team is competing in a European Championship.
  • Lead the team and staff at competitions.
  • Play a leading role in post-competition reviews.
  • Work in conjunction with other National Team programmes and coaches to maintain a consistent philosophy and approach throughout GB Softball.
  • Maintain consistent communication with players and staff throughout each year to help ensure programme unity and continuity.

Full job specs for a GB Softball Head Coach can be found here.

How to apply

Anyone interested in applying to Head Coach one or both GB Slowpitch Teams should complete the GB Staff Application Form on this link:

Any questions about the positions should be sent to BSF National Teams Officer Alice Hunter (

The deadline for applying is 5.00 pm on Friday 23 February 2024.


All staff positions on GB National Teams are voluntary; no one is paid a salary or fee.  However, costs for staff members are fully covered when a national team goes abroad for competition, and expenses connected with training and competition in the UK can be claimed if necessary.

Further information and references will be required and shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in person or electronically as circumstances allow.