Girls playing and watching softball

The British Softball Federation (BSF) is looking to recruit a Safeguarding Officer.

As the governing body for softball, the BSF has a duty to ensure that our sport is a safe and positive environment for children and young people and for vulnerable adults, and this role is central to upholding this responsibility. 

The main purpose of a Federation Safeguarding Officer (FSO) is to promote best safeguarding practice and support the implementation of safeguarding policies and procedures in softball, and to be the link between BaseballSoftballUK (BSUK) Safeguarding and clubs and leagues affiliated to the British Softball Federation. 

BSUK has overall responsibility for safeguarding for both sports in the UK and has established the framework under which it is carried out.

The Safeguarding Officer will need to ensure that all appropriate policies and procedures are followed, and that documentation is completed in accordance with BSUK policy and current legislation.

The Safeguarding Officer will also be the point of contact for any safeguarding concerns raised in softball and will work closely with BSUK to ensure that these are managed appropriately.

Additionally, the Safeguarding Officer could help to create BSF safeguarding policy documents.

Candidates do not need to have to knowledge of the game or softball playing experience to carry out this role.  More specific elements of the role are set out below.

Time commitment

This is not a role that should require a significant time commitment, probably around four hours per month, although not necessarily in discrete chunks of time.  Although the Safeguarding Officer will be a member of the BSF Executive and will report to the Executive from time to time, they will not be required to attend Executive meetings on a regular basis.

The ideal candidate would have some experience of working in safeguarding and would understand the fundamental principles of safeguarding young people.

The role is subject to an enhanced DBS check, and the Safeguarding Officer must complete the Time to Listen safeguarding course or a suitable equivalent within six months of appointment, with training costs to be met by the BSF.


To register an interest in this role, please email, giving some idea of your safeguarding background.

Job specifications

Below are more details about the Federation Safeguarding Officer’s role and responsibilities, the skills required and the benefits that accrue to the position.

The role of the Federation Safeguarding Officer is to:

  • Actively promote safeguarding policies and requirements, develop a safeguarding culture within softball and ensure that members follow correct procedures.
  • Set disciplinary procedures for non-compliance and make these known to clubs, teams and leagues.
  • Capture registration details of affiliated clubs and teams and pass this information on to BSUK on a yearly basis so that records can be kept up to date.  
  • Follow up issues or concerns raised by BSUK.

As the Federation Safeguarding Officer, you will:

  • Familiarise yourself with all relevant policies and procedures, including those related to travelling with young people and the Joint Safeguarding Policies and Procedures, so you can clarify these for colleagues and players.
  • Promote awareness of best safeguarding practice within club, team and league environments.
  • Promote the BSUK Codes of Conduct and work with clubs, teams and leagues to support their implementation.
  • Promote the BSUK’s guidance on social media use.
  • Be the first point of contact for coaches, umpires and volunteers where concerns about a child, poor practice or potential abuse are identified.
  • In consultation with the BSUK Safeguarding Officer, ensure that any incidents or concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the Joint Safeguarding Policy.
  • Be an approachable point of contact for young people and promote your role to them.
  • Actively seek to get the views and engagement of young people and to involve them in decision-making where appropriate.
  • Refer all media enquiries around safeguarding to BSUK.

The skills required for the role are:

  • A child-focused approach.
  • Friendliness and approachability.
  • Good listener/effective communicator.
  • Confidence and leadership skills.
  • Organisational skills, including IT and use of social media.
  • Enthusiasm and motivational skills.
  • The ability to deal with confidential matters.
  • The ability to be tactful when dealing with sensitive issues.
  • Awareness of equality issues.

Benefits for the BSF Safeguarding Officer are:

  • Learning new skills and developing existing skills through hands-on experience.
  • Personal and professional development and/or training.
  • A chance to meet new people and enjoy the traditional social life that softball generates.
  • Experiencing new challenges.
  • Supporting your local community, with the personal satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have helped others.
  • A written/verbal reference from BSUK if requested.

The role can be a brilliant CV booster: 73% of employers will employ a candidate with volunteer experience over one without.