Becoming an Umpire

Umpires are essential to softball. What is softball when there is no umpire?  Well, it's called practice!

The game is the time when all actions on the diamond, along with any scores, records or accomplishments, are official.  They are official because they are played in competition using the International Softball Federation rules and are witnessed and validated by a representative of softball: the umpire.

How to become a BASU umpire?

You can become a certified BASU official by passing a two-day qualification course led by one of our Trainers and then successfully completing an assessment game monitored by one of these Trainer/Assessors, usually at a tournament.

Trainers are Chris Moon, Pete Saunders, Mike Jennings and Jason Smith.

Assessors are Chris Moon, Pete Saunders, Mike Jennings and Jes Sandhu.

Please contact the Tournament Crew Chief to arrange your assessment game.

Membership benefits

The BASU membership fee (£10 in total) may be paid in full to the BASU Treasurer, Steve Getraer, or will be collected by a deduction from games umpired during your first tournament of the season.

Full membership is available ONLY to people who have passed a BASU qualification course and assessment.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Ongoing training and support to help you reach your full potential in umpiring, including attending BASU Advanced Courses, with the additional possibility of attaining ESF or ISF qualifications and representing Great Britain and BASU abroad.
  • Priority for umpiring opportunities.
  • Third-party civil liability insurance while umpiring games.
  • The entitlement to wear BASU uniform, which is subsidised by BASU.
  • Email communication regarding BASU events, AGMs etc and the right to vote at the BASU AGM.

Only BASU Full Members may purchase merchandise such as official BASU umpiring uniforms.  To arrange for delivery of the new range of BASU clothing, please contact the BASU Kit Officer Yuki Ono.

BSF development grants available, apply