World Series teams looking for new players

Mon 5 Mar 2018

GB-based teams that take part in the BSF’s annual Softball World Series Tournament are looking for new players who meet the qualification criteria and would like to try out for a place.

The 2018 World Series will be played on the weekend of 8-9 September at a venue near Heathrow Airport, and the tournament will be celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The World Series is an 18-team competition involving "national” or “regional” teams.  Usually, seven or eight teams fly in from Europe to take part in the tournament, and the rest of the teams are made up of players living in the UK.

In addition to teams from England, Scotland and Wales, plus a “GB Masters” team of players over 35, the home-based sides include ex-pat teams representing the USA, Canada, Africa, Australia/New Zealand, Latin American and Japan.

There is also a “GB Futures” team, but these players are selected from within the GB Slowpitch Team squad.


The BSF wants to ensure that World Series teams are composed of players who are from the country or region the team represents, or at least have strong connections to that country or region.  As far as possible, teams should be composed of players who have a passport from the country or region they are playing for.

Where a team genuinely cannot find players who qualify through nationality, they may then include players who were born and/or grew up and/or lived for a number of years in the country or region their team represents, regardless of what passport they hold.

So if you are a slowpitch player who meets one of these criteria for a Home Country or ex-pat team that takes part in the World Series, you are encouraged to contact the relevant Team Captain to arrange a trial.  Since the World Series is a high-level tournament (essentially A and B-grade), ability will always be the main factor in team selection.

Contact details

If you would like to trial for a team for the 2018 World Series, please contact the relevant team captain listed below:

Michael Lee

Laura Cameron

Holly Ireland

GB Masters
Roger Grooms

Dan Armstrong

Lee Rowe

Duncan Waugh

Chris Macleod

Latin America
Luis Arrevillagas

Hiro Onishi

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