Leeds kicks off inaugural indoor season

Thu 14 Feb 2013

by Matt Ng

The Leeds Softball Association (LSA) has begun its first-ever indoor league, to much anticipation from local sluggers. 

The league got underway in late January, and four teams meet every Monday, sheltered from the chilly weather, at Notre Dame Sixth Form College near Leeds city centre.

Four teams

Players from across Yorkshire make up the Dynamite Knights, Team Wolf, Coyotes and a fourth composite scratch team.  The two-hour Monday sessions include an hour's training and drills, with the fixtures following afterwards.  There are six players to each co-ed team, and sides battle it out in two timed innings of five minutes each.

With five runs scored for a home run and minus one scored for every out (including a ceiling hit), teams have been forced to bat more tactically than in outdoor games.  And a line drive bouncing off a wall makes for some unpredictable yet fast-paced plays.  However, players have grown to enjoy the competitive yet informal atmosphere, and their indoor at-bats will ensure they're not rusty come the outdoor season in April.


The indoor league, the brainchild of Leroy Sandford (who captains a softball dynasty spanning six years and four Dynamite-affiliated softball teams), will run until March 25.  Leroy said: "We have driving at this for the last three years.  Indoor training has been hit-and-miss in terms of numbers over the last few years, but it seems the combination of "skills and drills" training and live competition is a popular one.  More importantly, people seem to be really enjoying it.

"The hope is that we can expand the competition to five or six teams over the next two years,” Leroy added.  “Our goal is to continue to make it a sustainable off-season activity for the ever-enthusiastic softballers of Yorkshire, as well as a springboard to launch into the full season.”


For more information or to join the LSA, email leedssoftball@gmail.com or search for "Leeds Softball Association" on Facebook.

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