Largest-ever Cotswold Tournament mostly escapes the rain

Mon 2 Oct 2017

The rain held off on Sunday 1 October except for an hour or so late in the day, and that allowed the largest-ever Cotswold Autumn Tournament to take place, with 16 teams playing on some slightly muddy diamonds at the Archway School in Stroud.

For the first time, there were two levels of play at the tournament based on ability, with B-grade and C-grade teams playing in the Comp Division and D-grade teams playing in the Rec Division.

Despite some teething problems with the new format, all the teams enjoyed the day, including the Dalraida Demons, who came all the way from Scotland to play.

Organiser Mike LeFevre said, “It also helped that for the first time there was a burger van at the tournament!”


The Bristol Bees took the trophy in the Comp Division, with Bristol BS7 winning the Comp Plate and Archway Chapmans, one of two teams from the successful softball programme at Archway School, winning the Comp Consolation final.

In the Rec Division, the Bristol Base Jumpers were champions, while the Reading Blue Sox took the Plate and he Consolation final winners were the Eastbourne Bombers.

MVPs were Jed Rose from Bristol Base Jumpers and Bronwynne Bird from Cotswold Chaos, while the Spirit of the Game award went to the Dalraida Demons.

Comp Division

Both Comp and Rec divisions started with two round-robin groups of four teams, and the standing after the round-robin phase in the Comp Division were as follows:

Group 1
1.  Birmingham Bobcats
2.  Bristol Bees
3.  Coventry Blitz
4.  Dalraida Demons                       

Group 2
1.  MK Diamonds
2.  BS7
3.  Swindon Aries
4.  Archway Chapmans         

In the Comp semi-finals, the Birmingham Bobcats defeated Bristol BS7 and the Bristol Bees won out over MK Diamonds; while in the lower semis, the Archway Chapmans beat Coventry Blitz and Swindon Aries defeated the Dalraida Demons.

This led to the finals, where the Bristol Bees defeated the Birmingham Bobcats to win the Comp Division, BS7 defeated the MK Diamonds to take the Plate and the Archway Chapmans beat Swindon Aries to win the Consolation plaque.  Finally, Coventry Blitz beat the Dalraida Demons in a play-for-pride game.

Rec Division

Group standings in the Rec Division were:

Group 1                                                        
1.  Cardiff Red Sox                                      
2.  Cotswold Chaos                                  
3.  Bristol Underarm Tossers                    
4.  Archway Pipers                                       

Group 2
1.  Bristol Base Jumpers
2.  Reading Blue Sox
3.  Eastbourne Bombers
4.  Cardiff Cardinals

In the Rec semi-finals, the Bristol Base Jumpers beat Cotswold Chaos, while the Cardiff Red Sox beat the Reading Blue Sox.  In the lower semis, the Cardiff Cardinals upset the Bristol Underarm Tossers while the Eastbourne Bombers beat the Archway Pipers.

In the finals, the Bristol Base Jumpers defeated the Cardiff Red Sox to win the Rec Division, while the Reading Blue Sox prevailed over Cotswold Chaos to win the Plate and the Eastbourne Bombers beat the Cardiff Cardinals to win the Consolation
plaque.  In the final game, the Archway Pipers beat the Bristol Underarm Tossers for pride.

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