BASU announces umpire courses for 2015

Mon 23 Feb 2015

BASU, the British Association of Softball Umpires, has announced the schedule of courses it will run between now and the start of the 2015 playing season.

BASU has also announced a change to umpire re-qualification procedures.  Previously, successful completion of a two-day BASU course and assessment qualified umpires for four years, with a game assessment after two years.  However, from 2015 onwards, those passing the two-day course for the first time will have to re-take the same course after two years, and thereafter every four years, with game assessments remaining every two years.

Advanced Courses

The highlight of this year's course schedule is two one-day Advanced Courses that BASU will run by invitation only – one in the North, in Manchester, and the other in the South, in Maidenhead.  Both courses are now fully booked.

Pete Saunders and Chris Moon will deliver the Manchester course on Saturday 14 March at the Trafford Soccerdome, while Chris and Mike Jennings will deliver the Maidenhead course on Saturday 18 April at Maidenhead Cricket Club.

More information on these Advanced Courses and why BASU is running more of them this year can be found in this article from the BSF website. 

One-Day Courses

So far, BASU has been booked by two leagues – the Bristol Softball Association and the Greater London Softball Mixed League (GLSML) – to run six one-day courses for league umpires.

The Bristol courses will run at Clifton College on Saturday 14 March and Sunday 29 March, while the GLSML courses will be held on four Saturdays – 11 and 25 April, 30 May and 6 June – in Ealing, on Primrose Hill and at two locations yet to be determined.

Anyone interested in attending one of the Bristol courses should contact Hans Daanen ( while those interested in one of the GLSML courses should contact Jessica Lau (

Two-Day Courses

Six leagues have booked two-day BASU Qualification Courses in March.  To apply for any of them, please get in touch with the contacts listed below.

Dates:  21-22 March
Venue:  Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Services HQ, Bestwood Lodge, Nottingham NG5 8PD
Contact:  Ian Tomlin
Trainer: Pete Saunders

Dates:  21-22 March
Venue:  Watsons Pavilion, Clifton College Sports Ground, Abbots Leigh Road, Bristol BS8 3HE
Contact: Hans Daanen
Trainer:  Hans Daanen

Dates:  21-22 March
Venue:  Swordsands Bowling Association, Tangier Road, Portsmouth PO3 6QA  (tbc)
Contact:  Adam Charlton
Trainer:  Chris Moon

Dates:  28-29 March
Venue:  Finsbury Park Baseball and Softball Club, Endymion Road, Finsbury Park, London N4 2NQ
Contact:  Jessica Lau
Trainers:  Mike Jennings, David Hurley

Dates: 28-29 March
Venue:  TBC
Contact: Andy Chase
Trainer: Chris Moon

Dates:  28/29 March
Venue:  TBC
Contact: Jeremy Fothergill
Trainer:  Pete Saunders

Any other leagues or clubs that would like to book a BASU umpire course this spring should contact BASU Training Officer Chris Moon

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Andy Cartwright 18:24

Hi, I have just started a new team in the East Midlands league and am required to have a qualified umpire. I missed the course we had here as I was on holiday, are there anymore coming up soon that I can get on, I can travel within reason?
Many thanks

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