All places filled for Single-Sex Nationals

Thu 13 Jun 2019

All 32 places have been filled for the BSF Single-Sex Slowpitch National Championships at Moor Lane Sports Ground in Birmingham on the weekend of 22-23 June, and a great competition is in store if it will only stop raining by then!

The BSF will be fencing four fields – two for men’s games and two for women’s games – and anyone who would be available on Friday afternoon 21 June to help put up fences, and on Sunday after play finishes to take them down again would earn the BSF’s undying gratitude and should contact Fiona Kielthy.  

Men’s Competition

Ten Men’s Comp teams have signed up for the tournament, including two US base teams, so there should be fierce competition in that division.  As a result, six teams will contest the Men’s Rec division. 

Last year, the Bombers from the US Air Force Base at Mildenhall (pictured below) cruised to victory in the Platinum final over the Pyros, and the Bombers will be back, along with a team from the neighbouring air force base at Lakenheath and eight “civilian” teams that will all be gunning for them.

Other winners last year were the Puppies in the Gold Division, the Terriers in the Silver Division and the Bobcats in the Bronze Division, and all have returned this year.

The teams are:

Banana Power
Bombers (East of England)
Bru Crew (London)
Godzillas (London)
Hoggs (Manchester)
Lakenheath (East of England)
Latinos (Manchester)
Puppies (London)
Pyros (East Midlands)
Terriers (Leeds)

Bobcats (Birmingham)
Bracknell Scorchers
Misfits (East Midlands)
Scottish Hitmen (Edinburgh)
Sheriffs (East Midlands)

Women’s Competition

The women’s tournament will have a balanced number of eight teams in both Comp and Rec, and the competition for divisional trophies will be close.

The Manchester Minx (pictured below) will be back to defend the Platinum trophy that they won last year in a one-run final against the Bristol Bluebirds, who will also be back to challenge for the top spot once again.

The Sheriffs of Nottingham, who won the Gold trophy last year, and Pitchslap, who won Silver, will also be defending their titles.

The teams are:

Besoms (Scotland)
Bristol Bluebirds
Manchester Minx
Missfits (East Midlands)
No Balls (London)
Pitchslap (Manchester)
Sheriffs of Nottingham

Blitzches (London)
Bracknell Scorch-hers
Crazy Bats 1 (Manchester)
Crazy Bats 2 (Manchester)
Pyros (East MNidlands)
Reading Blue Ballers
Solent Ladies
Whales (Cardiff)

Come on down

The BSF’s Single-Sex Nationals always present a great weekend of fun and softball, and are well worth a trip for spectators, especially since single-sex slowpitch competitions are generally thin on the ground.

Entrance to the tournament and parking is free.  The full address of the venue is: Moor Lane Sports Ground, Moor Lane, Perry Barr, Birmingham B6 7AA.

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