National Teams

Great Britain Softball National Teams

Considering the size of our sport in the UK, and the fact that our national team programmes receive no external funding, GB Softball Teams do exceptionally well on the international stage.

GB Co-ed Slowpitch Team
European Champions for the 10th straight time in 2015

GB Men’s Fastpitch Team
#5 in European Championships in 2016 and 10th at WBSC Men's World Championship in 2015

GB Women’s Fastpitch Team
#5 in European Championships in 2015 and 13th at the WBSC Women's World Championship in 2016.  The team's programme is now focused on qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games from the Euro/Africa Qualifying Group.

GB Junior Women's Fastpitch Team (U-19)
Won the European Junior Championships in 2016 and 13th at WBSC Junior Women's World Championships in 2015

GB Junior Men's Fastpitch Team (U-19)
#5 in European Championships in 2015

GB Cadette Girls' Fastpitch Team (U-16)
#4 in European Championships in 2015

GB Minime Girls' Fastpitch Team (U-13)
#7 at the ESF's Massimo Romeo Youth Cup in 2015.



If so, the first question you need to ask yourself is: am I eligible?

To be eligible to play for any of the Great Britain National Teams listed above, you must be a British passport holder, or be eligible to apply for and receive a British passport.

If you were not born in the UK and if you live overseas, then you will only be eligible for British citizenship and a British passport if you have at least one parent who is -- or was born as -- a British citizen.  Having a British grandparent, great-grandparent, aunt or uncle will not do.

If you have any question about whether you might be eligible for a British passport, email GB Management Team member Bob Fromer (

If you already have a British passport or feel you are eligible to get one, then the next step towards trying out is to complete a GB Softball Application Form here

We'll looking forward to hearing from you!